Top 5 Landing Page Builders that Will Help You Convert More Leads

Successful online marketing campaigns usually go through several key stages and issues among which are clear goals setting, effective performance tracking and analysis, media planning, proper budgeting and scheduling, and campaign asset production. 

No matter how good your Google Аds, Facebook campaigns, email copies and banners are, there is another step following that is of greater importance for your campaign. Having attracted a lead through your branding and promotion, the place to “close the deal” is actually on your campaign landing page. This is why it needs to be well-created and optimized to bring a pleasant user experience. Fortunately, creating attractive landing pages has recently become much easier, faster and more affordable thanks to some of the most popular landing page builders:


This is one of the most (if not the most) feature-rich tools you can find on the market. With focus on small businesses the platform enables opportunities for easy creation of whole websites, landing pages, popups and many more. What characterizes Leadpages in terms of landing page creation opportunities is the option to use a wide variety of ready-to-go templates but also to rely on more customizable ones. Among the other most prominent features are:

  • Built-in conversion guidance that helps you predict the page performance even before publishing allowing for timely adjustments 
  • There is no limit on web visitors or leads collected
  • Unlimited page publishing which allows you to create dedicated landing pages for different campaigns or traffic sources 
  • Incomparable page speed – the creators promise 2.4 seconds faster loading time and 30% better performance score than other leading page builders
  • Built-in payment systems to efficiently run your store
  • Lead-capture popups and exit intent
  • SMS marketing capabilities

The team offers a good resource base to help you get to know the platform and inspire you for the creation of your own web project.

Not sure where to start from? See all landing page templates and choose the best one for your business.


The platform is among the most preferred ones for landing pages and can help you get the maximum out of your PPC efforts. It targets growing industries such as SaaS, E-commerce and Professional Services. What makes it popular is the combination of tools that not only help you design attractive landing pages, but also to measure their performance, increase engagement with popups and stickers, and integrate with other digital marketing tools. Here are some of the most helpful features and options:

  • Easy-to-use drag & drop builder
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) that load up to 85% faster than regular mobile pages
  • Free images database by Unsplash
  • A/B testing options
  • Dynamic text replacement – a time-saving feature that allows you to replace landing-page keywords depending on the user’s search query
  • Wide range of targeting options – by location, URLs, with cookies, etc. 
  • Possible integrations with Constant Contact, MailChimp, Active Campaigns, Zoho and many more. If you choose an email provider or a CRM that is not integrated with Unbounce, you can also have Zapier which will help you connect any other app that works with it.
  • Free 14-day trial

Of course, the landing page builder comes together with other common features such as customizable templates, publishing on your own domain, analytics tools and others. A good way to check if Unbounce works for your business might be taking it for an interactive test drive


However, Unbounce may turn out to be a bit pricy option for startups and small companies. In such cases, a good alternative at better cost might be Landingi that offers almost the same tools and features, A/B/X testing of everything, and integration with almost every SaaS platform you can think of. The large gallery of templates and icons allows you to customize your landing page for nearly any business or niche. Within the website you can also find good examples of pages created with the tool in various industries such as Software & Technology, Advertising & Marketing, Education and many more. 

Landingi also provides a demo of the functionalities and features of the platform with the opportunity to even book a live 1:1 session with a consultant. 

HubSpot Landing Page Builder

Its greatest advantage is the fact that the tool is actually part of something larger, an entire marketing software solution for businesses and marketers and also one of the most popular CRM solutions on the market. For marketing efforts this means not only ability to create attractive landing pages but also to rely on great marketing insights, automation tools and smart approaches towards audience engagement, lead generation and conversion. 

Due to its background the HubSpot landing page tool allows for collecting useful information about users’ demographics and interests to create more effective content and campaigns. In addition to the most common landing page creation features, HubSpot’s one is notable for its good visual editing experience and the options to personalize content for individual users. 


If affordability is your main concern, Lander might be the landing-page creation tool for you. The platform still offers all the basic features that you need to create a contemporary landing page for your marketing campaigns. They have an efficient drag-and-drop builder that’s perfect for the inexperienced user. On top of that, they have a variety of elements like dynamic text replacement, A/B testing, analytics, CRM or email integration, and more. You can also edit advanced options like timers, countdowns, and direct PayPal integration.

To Conclude:

Which one did you choose for your marketing campaigns? The overview of the most popular landing page creation tools tells us that all of them come with the main functionalities needed to be attractive and engaging for your leads. You will always be able to create a great design, structure, and content for your page even without having technical, coding or UX/UI design skills. But how to make your choice among so many players on the market then? 

Take into account the following factors that are essential for your success:

  • Page Speed – compare the performance of pages created with different tools. Even one-second delay in loading might result in people leaving your website and loss of revenue for your business.
  • Security – prices can go as low as $0 for a page builder tool if you care for the costs only. However, it is much more important to find a trusted partner and solution since it will be handling your customers and their sensitive data such as personal information, payment details, etc.
  • Support – all tools seem to be user-friendly even for inexperienced marketers. However, it is very likely that at some point you will need assistance before or after publishing your page. Here is why you need to make sure that any platform comes with reliable and trusted technical support before getting involved with it. 

Boost the Performance
of your Business

Boost the Performance
of your Business