Service as a Service – The new strategy to ensure your business success

For the last 20+ years, we are living in a world that is digitizing and dramatically changing due to the technology revolution. Similar to the Industrial Revolution started in 1760, the technology revolution is changing generations, services, business, and the way we live. 

Now, we are more than used to the on-demand business models, which allow companies to access technology, resources, service at any time they needed. We hear everyday words as Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Content as a Service… Anything as a Service. But isn’t it the right time to talk for Service as a Service? 

It is going to be a way to much to say that this is a revolutionary concept. As we already stated that the “…. as a service” model is working quite well. But it is going to be true that the Service as a Service model is creating an entirely new market niche. 

So, what is Service as a Service?

It is the opportunity to get any time of service done from an external person/team/organization for your business at the right time when you needed and in the way in which you needed. In other words, to satisfy real business needs with resources, which you do not have within the company at the moment, but in a way, much better than if you have an internal people or team for it. 

What can be delivered as “Service as a Service”?

There are a few very prosperous areas, in which we see the concept of Service as a Service to evolve – marketing, sales, web design, consultancy, HR management, system administration, DevOps, and many more. The concept is straightforward. You are an existing business, a startup, scale-up, or a big enterprise. It really does not matter. Then you came up with a situation in which you want to achieve a specific business target – expand on a new market, grow your sales, improve the sales process, reposition your brand, launch a lead generation campaign. The next factor is that you want to achieve a goal, but you either do not have enough resources internally (mainly human power and knowledge) or just the team/company has no knowledge or expertise in the area. And now you need somebody to help you to achieve your goal. 

That us how the on-demand model of Service as a Service works. In the right moment, with no vast efforts or spending, you find a way to meet your goals. By using the Service as a Service model. 

Marketing as a Service

The growing popularity of the Marketing as a Service model can be explained partially with the ever increasing amount of startups and the technology evolution on the other hand. Remember how many new startups were created every year ten years ago. And check the statistics of how many new-born companies are created now.

On the other hand, marketing as a strategic aspect of each company is changing every day. Ten years ago, there was no advertising on Facebook, Instagram did not exist, video content online was popular only on YouTube. The fast pace of change in the marketing area requires new approaches, better strategies, and skills, which were not existing last year … or last month.

So hiring an external expert or Marketing agency, which will deliver exactly the service you need, will save you costs and will guarantee a decent result. You can get an inbound campaign market research, marketing strategy, market audit as a service, etc.

The market, which needs the most Marketing as a Service is the IT market and technology companies. But this is a topic for other article.

Sales as a Service

The growth of the number of companies, and the growth of the services existing companies offer, require more sales power than ever. Customers are well-educated, they have excellent access to information. And for this reason, you need to be really good in sales and know the service or product you sell very good. 

It is of growing popularity for tech companies to hire salespeople on the as a service model. 

Advantages of the Service as a Service model for companies

They are numerous, but we will mention just a few of them:

  • Getting the service in the moment you need it
  • Better quality of the external service provider and service delivered
  • No need to make long-term planning of the resources
  • Cutting costs
  • Business agility

Boost the Performance
of your Business

Boost the Performance
of your Business