About Our Team

We are a team of highly motivated and proven experts in the field of strategic marketing, branding, brand positioning, content creation, and design. We love our job and have earned many partners through the years with the passion we do our work. In Brindanizer we know how important marketing for IT companies is and we show it to our partners and clients. We are specialized mainly in the IT industry and know the challenges, problems, and pains IT companies face every day.

At Brandanizer we believe that individual approach and attention to the details are crucial in our work and it helps us to build strong connections with all our partners and clients.

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Our values
Work as Part of Your Company
Work as Part of Your Company
Once you trust us, Brandanizer will feel like a part of your team. We will be there for you whenever you need us and help you with the digital face of your company. Your digital difficulties and challenges are our daily problems so we know them well and know how to solve them.<br /> Brindanizer’s team will help you save time and money by outsourcing your digital marketing and this will give you time to do the best for your business.
A-B Testing
A/B Testing to Maximise Results
Good results are not enough for Brandanizer. We will test all processes, again and again, to maximise the results as much as possible. Digital marketing is changing so fast that every day could serve you new challenges. With Brandanizer by your side, you will solve all challenges and show better and better results.
Careful Planning
Careful Planning, Measuring KPIs
In Brandanizer we believe that good planning is crucial to success. We will plan all the processes for your business carefully and will keep this plan up to date and at every moment. We will measure the KPIs and try to improve them constantly.
Market Understanding
Market Understanding
The key to our success is that we know and understand the market. We know how to help our clients in every situation and we have fast, smart and effective sessions for every problem. The digitalization is changing the world in the last few years and we know how to make it work for our clients. COVID crisis made digital marketing more important than ever and changed the whole market. Brindanizer’s approach, expertise and experience help the companies to reach their business growth.
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The Race is On!
Win it with the right partner
If you want to be a winner in the competitors digital marketing game, you need the right partner. With Brandanizer you receive a partner capable to reach the tops with you and to help you grow your business to a new level.
Some of Our Projects

Complete Rebranding and New Website for BGO Software

Transforming BGO Software from a Custom Software Development Company to Digital Health Solutions Provider

Marketing as a Service for VirtualMetric

Brandanizer provides the full set of marketing services to help VirtualMetric scale up and position as a leading infrastructure monitoring solution.

New Website Design and Marketing Strategy for O2V2

O2V2 trusted for building a completely new website - from design, information architecture, UX and content writing. In addition we developed a marketing strategy for its business growth and increasing sales.

Brand Repositioning Strategy and Content Writing for Delta.Bg

Brandanizer built a brand repositioning strategy from hosting provider to Managed Service Provider for Delta.Bg. We completed a project for complete website content rework.

Business Strategy Rework and Digital Advertising

BGOCloud trusted us to reowrk their website in order to generate more sales and position better in search engines. We work together on their digital presence, online ads and overall business strategy.

Event Management

Physical and virtual event management for VirtualMetric. Organizing end-to-end participation at Microsoft Tech Days. Organising online webinars with IT influencers.
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Challenge Us...
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