Case Study: Delta.BG’s Transformation From a Hosting Vendor to a New-Age Managed Service Provider

The Challenge

Over the past decade, the Bulgarian hosting market has undergone intense consolidation, which led to a single hosting provider owning more than half of the market in the country. The rest of the competing companies had to face a challenging situation where they could not keep up easily with the push from the monopolist or compete with its marketing budget and sales strategy. Delta.BG, one of Bulgaria’s well-known traditional hosting vendors with more than ten years of experience in offering IT solutions, decided that instead of putting up with the situation, they would reposition themselves to keep their growth and get an even bigger market share. That’s when they engaged in a strategic partnership with Brandanizer to take advantage of our deep expertise in helping IT companies reposition themselves and build an outstanding strategy.

“Brandanizer was the trusted partner for Delta.BG,” said Dragomir Zhelev, CEO at Delta.BG. “They have been involved in the entire process from start to finish – creating a thorough strategy about product presentation, generating ideas for product bundles, segmenting the market, writing complex IT content in a way that the customers will best understand it. We are very happy with our joint work and the results we achieved thanks to It.”

The Solution

The logical step for Delta.BG to continue its growth and development was to reposition its brand into a Managed Service Provider. Once a traditional hosting vendor, the company started to focus on larger companies with more extensive projects that have individual needs and require a tailored approach. It was a smooth transition as Delta.BG already had more than 10 years of expertise in designing, building, and managing complex infrastructure solutions for eCommerce companies. In addition, the company already had the reputation of a trusted technology provider for large e-commerce providers who could solve even the most challenging infrastructure issue.

One of the first things, which Delta.BG needed to solve in their brand repositioning strategy was the redesign of the existing website. It had to reflect their new brand positioning, the services’ changes, and the new custom solutions the company designed. The entire messaging of their content needed an update in order to speak directly to the new decision-makers – large enterprises. The company collaborated end-to-end on the project with Brandanizer, taking advantage of our skills to create compelling messages and an excellent online user journey, which converts into sales.

About Delta.BG

Delta.BG is a Bulgarian cloud and managed service provider that offers IT solutions to mid and large businesses in different industries. The company has more than 10 years of expertise in designing, building, and managing a new generation of cloud servers and infrastructure solutions. Their product portfolio includes Cloud VPS, Dedicated Servers, Colocation, custom cloud infrastructure solutions, and more. Delta.BG is a trusted technology partner for some of the biggest Bulgarian eCommerce companies.

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