Case Study: BGO Software’s Transformation Into A Digital Health Services Only Company

A strategic IT partner to pharmaceuticals, CROs, biotech, and healthcare organisations BGO Software chose Brandanizer as a partner for repositioning in the digital market. The company delivers tailor-made consultancy and software development services with indisputable quality and the highest level of flexibility. With on-demand access to the relevant technologies, consultancy, and IT capacity they build a desired level of trust with their business partners so their clients can focus mainly on their strategy.

The Challenge: Becoming a Digital Health Services Only Company

BGO Software started as a custom software development company that offered IT services mainly to pharmaceutical and clinical research companies. Their clients offered digital services so the next logical step for the company was to reposition to the digital health market.
The main challenge was how to make the transition from a software development organization into a digital health services only company.

The Solution: Brand Repositioning

The process of brand repositioning included a total website revamp, product development, the introduction of new messaging based on their target audience and service offering, the creation of marketing assets to support the company’s updated value proposition, and changing their online presence from the ground up.

To be able to pull off all the tasks needed for the successful transition and penetration into a new market niche, BGO Software decided to partner with Brandanizer, as both companies have already been working together on previous projects. 

The Process: Teamwork Made The Dream Work

In order to meet all client’s requirements, we collaborated closely with the entire BGO Software team (including CEO, CTO, Project Managers, Sales, Technical and Dev teams).

Website Development
One of the most critical aspects of repositioning was that we had to revamp BGO Software website. In order to meet their redesign requirements, we brainstormed different versions, including design, content, and structure, before achieving the final product. Moreover, we had to specify the user journey on the website and optimize it for maximum conversions.
Product Design
Based on their experience and their market research, Brandanizer helped BGO Software to specify the products they will offer as a digital service company –  Project CTO as a Service, Product Design and Development and Managed IT Services.
Market research
Although BGO had experience in the healthcare sector we had to define its main targets. We conducted market research and managed to develop three final targets – eHealth & mHealth, Clinical Research, and Pharma & Biotech.

Content Creation
Websites text, blog posts, and case studies were all part of the content creation process. Brandanizer dived deeper into the market and understand all of its nuances. 
Marketing assets
A big part of the content creation task was to produce marketing assets to improve the work process within the company’s departments (Project Managers, Sales, etc.):

  • Case Studies
  • Brochures
  • Video Scripts
  • Videos
  • Product Presentations

Partner Enablement Program
Partner Enablement is BGO Software’s program where they recruit partners who promote its services. Brandanizer’s tasks in this project were to help develop the program from the ground up – from creating specific documents and partner brochures, developing the program’s structure and levelling to producing white-label marketing materials for existing partners. 

BGO Software Ivan Lekushev

“We teamed up with Brandanizer at a time when our company had to undergo a rapid transformation — big part of it marketing-wise. The work that we did together really gave us the confidence, that we have a reliable partner, that had our back in a wide range of marketing needs – from concept definition to content and all in between. Thank you guys!”

Ivan Lekushev, CEO, BGO Software

Key Outcomes

As a result of the repositioning from a custom software development organization to a digital health service only company BGO Software focused on the market they would deliver the highest value.

Read the whole success story here:

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