5 Ways to Gain More Users on Your Website

Looking for ways to drive more organic traffic to your website? Growing your audience is crucial for the success of your business online, for building a strong brand, and for engaging your target groups of clients, partners, and other stakeholders. Unlike driving visitors to your physical location, getting more traffic on your website is much easier and affordable, but also time-consuming. Here are some good ideas how to do it:

Focus on content creation

Your content strategy must aim at engaging users, educating them about your business and products, building and promoting your brand, and increasing your value proposition. Currently, the best performing formats include:

  • Video content86% of businesses with online presence have relied on video content formats across the web as part of their digital marketing strategy. For IT businesses, telecoms, and software companies, for example, explanation videos turn out to be a great way to describe their products and services and to demonstrate their advantages. Another good reason to use video, especially on social media, is to present your company culture or entertain your audience. In fact, the number of people watching webinars, Instagram and Facebook stories and Tik-Tok videos has been growing dramatically in the past years. On top of this, YouTube has turned into the second biggest search engine after Google. Do you need any more facts and figures to start working on your next video right away? 
  • Blog posts – Articles on your blog will keep being one of your most powerful tools for user engagement and a booster for your SEO. Write about topics that relate to your brand and concern your target audience. Remember that the purpose of your blog posts is not to sell your service, but to engage readers and establish yourself as a trusted partner and a source of useful information in a given field. 
  • E-books and whitepapers – How many times have you downloaded a PDF file with exclusive content on a certain topic? Did you manage to engage deeper with the business that produced it? For sure, your audience will value additional content that you create for your most engaged followers that shares more insights and knowledge in your field of expertise. 

Do your job with on-page SEO

You will never have 100% of the SEO factors under your control. On-page SEO, however, includes all these that you can influence to improve your ranking on search engines. 

  • Content – it must be optimized for user searches which means it needs to bring useful and quality information, natural keywords usage, and a combination between texts and visuals.
  • Structure – make sure your website could be easily scanned by search engine robots and that it has logical structure of URL addresses. Add a robots.txt file and an XML sitemap to ease the indexing process.
  • Code – you need to help search engines read and visualize your content better. Make sure you put the right titles, headings, meta descriptions, and alt tags to all the elements on your pages to guide search engines and help them better understand your website. 

Make sure you get covered with technical SEO

The effort put so far would be pointless unless your website performs well enough. In 2021 your search engine ranking depends a lot on the following factors:

  • Website speed – loading time is crucial for the quality and ranking of your website. Users tend to wait less and less which means that they will leave a web page in just a few seconds if it does not load. Speeding up your website goes through many stages and depends on factors such as the quality of your code, size of your content, web hosting solution, server locations, and many more. Thank to PageSpeed Insights by Google you can check whether the speed of your pages is good and what corrective measures you could take to improve it. 
  • Website security – search engines make sure that they deliver content to users that is safe and reliable. A must-do in this field for you is to offer secure connection and browsing on your website via SSL certificate, as minimum. For years now, the https protocol enabled by this certificate is a ranking factor for Google and other search engines indicating that a website is safe for users. 
  • Responsive design – does your website load perfectly on any device? Currently, mobile traffic exceeds desktop traffic which means your pages must appear on mobile phones and tablets and look fine. Apart from being crucial for attracting and engaging users on your website, this is also an important ranking factor for search engines.

Optimize for voice searches

Very soon, users searching with voice will be much more than those typing on search engines. Even now, over 40% of people do at least one voice search per day, according to WordStream.

Will voice searches change the rules of the game? For sure. Just think about the long questions we ask Alexa or Siri in comparison with the short phrases that we type on search engines and that are key for traditional SEO. If you want to retain and grow the user base on your website you will need to take into account the organic traffic coming from voice searches. 

Keep an eye on analyses and reports

The key to consistent growth of the number of users on your website is to identify all your best-performing channels and traffic sources. If you know that you are getting most of your website visitors from social media, then you may decide to leverage your social media strategy instead of investing in SEO. Or just the opposite. Google Analytics is one of the free tools that are fundamental for analyzing your website’s performance, the behaviour of users, traffic sources and user flows. It will help you better understand whether your digital marketing strategy is driving results and whether you need to put more effort in a certain field.

Having in mind the most essential ways to increase organic traffic to your website it is now time to focus on improving your website’s performance, engage users with content that is also optimized for search engines, and to keep measuring your results. At Brandanizer we can help you build the right marketing strategy to get the most out of your marketing and branding efforts. Get in touch with us right away! 

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Boost the Performance
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Boost the Performance
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