The Best A/B Testing Tools for Your Online Business

Today every business goes digital chasing new markets, more clients and stronger brand positioning. When planning for their company’s digital journey many marketers and brand managers use common tactics and apply one and the same techniques for positioning different products, services, and brands. However, every business owner would tell you that they offer a unique value proposition and that standard best practices for promotion may not always apply in their case. 

Digital marketers need to understand that every piece of communication, every message, call-to-action, design, ad, or email, needs to be tailored to a specific audience having in mind the stage in the user journey, the value they get and the goal of your business. But how to guess which ones would work best for your campaigns? Well, you can’t. And this is why you need to rely on A/B testing.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing in digital marketing & sales is the approach of experimenting with two or more variations and combinations of campaign elements – design, content, or audience. The purpose of A/B testing is to make you stop guessing and take data-driven decisions in regards with your targeting, budgeting and message to the right group of users. Ultimately, by means of A/B testing you are supposed to discover the best settings for your marketing campaigns and achieve conversion rate optimization. Below are some of the most popular A/B testing tools that will help you do it.

Most popular A/B testing tools you can rely on

1. Google Optimize

Within the Google Marketing Platform you get a set of tools that help you perform split testing or A/B/n testing. You have A as the original page and B or n as a given number of copies with one or more elements modified as variations. These could be colours, CTAs, arrangements, etc. Varian B could even be a completely different version of the original page. 

The best thing about this tool is that it is free and also offers Multivariate tests that experiment with two or more elements simultaneously. The user interaction with them is monitored and analyzed to identify the best performing combination of your content elements. Google Optimize also offers redirect tests that are often helpful when you publish a complete redesign of a given page and test it against the original one. 

2. Omniconvert 

A/B testing is part of the platform, commonly known as a CRO tool. You could perform tests on mobile, tablet or desktop pages, and take additional advantage of survey tools, personalization, and segmentation tools.

Talking about segmentation, you can combine it with A/B testing and experiment on additional factors such as geographical location, user device or behaviour, traffic source, and many more. Unlike our previous suggestion, Omniconvert is paid. However, you can always book a free demo to make sure that it offers the right tools for your online business. 

3. Convert

This is a bit pricy option for enterprises which has proved its value for some of the biggest brands worldwide. The tool comes with a wide variety of testing and experimenting options and offers advanced segmentation features based on events on your website. Additionally, it offers valuable insights and reporting that can help you better analyze your data and find ways to optimize conversions. One more benefit from Convert is the integration you can have with popular third-party applications such as HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify and many more. 

4. Freshmarketer

Another good option to validate your website’s messages, design, and ideas and to boost conversion rates. The tool is intended for testing landing pages and stands out with its feature allowing for tracking the revenue that each and every experiment brings. Freshmarketer enables integration with Google Analytics and also adds a split URL testing tool that helps you experiment with variations of your pages. A useful feature might be the heatmaps added to every version and the option to turn the most successful variations into real pages.  

5. Optimizely

One of the most popular tools and platforms for designing unique digital experience for users. Optimizely helps you take data-driven decisions and experiment with multiple elements on your website, even on dynamic one. The idea of the creators is to offer a great level of personalization and customization at every touch point the user has. This is why we can trust the team that Optimizely comes with a full set of features needed to build the best performing variation of a page on your website. 

6. VWO

The tool is intended for large enterprises and offers a complex set of features and integrations. The well-known A/B tests, split URL tests and multivariate tests are part of the brand’s solutions for running complex experiments and setting up various tests in no time. VWO stands out with its reporting dashboards and SmartStats features that ease you in making decisions and adjusting your digital campaigns. 

7. Crazy Egg

Businesses rely on Crazy Egg due to its simplicity and the option to set up A/B tests with no coding experience. What you need to do is to add a snippet of code to any of the pages on your website that you want to experiment with. The tool will be monitoring and analyzing the performance of each variation and will send more users to the winning one. The platform tends to have more popularity among small and medium-sized businesses. 

Bonus tool: Adobe Target

With this tool you can go far beyond experimenting with your website and run A/B tests on your other channels. Actually, you can A/B test your whole experience, including images, copy, UI, and more, to find the winning experience. The rigorous testing approach in Adobe Target is designed to test multiple variations across web, mobile app, IoT, and more on both the client and server sides.

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Boost the Performance
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