6 Essential Digital Marketing Elements for Your Business

Do you doubt that in 2021 a major part of your marketing and branding strategy must be focused on online channels? Trends in the world of marketing and advertising show decreasing interest in traditional advertising in comparison with the positive growth in budgets for digital campaigns. If you are a tech startup, IT service provider or an e-commerce business, for you this is a clear signal: Prioritize digital marketing to position your brand and drive conversions for your business

If you are new in the field or you are just planning your strategy here are the main 6 digital marketing aspects that you need to consider:

SEO of your website

When users search for products and services like yours, you want to be on top of the results on Google, don’t you? 

In reality, optimizing for search engines is a complex process which is not entirely under your control. However, as a digital marketer, you must take care of:

  • Planning and optimization of the content – knowing your industry, products and target buyers, you should be aware of their online behavior, preferences, and way of browsing on your website. Adding content that best fits their searches and drives meaningful results for your business will be a good signal for search engines. Make sure you put on your pages the right keywords, product names and descriptions, and meta tags, according to what people type in search engines to find your business. 

Tip: Take advantage of tools like Serpstat to help you find the right keywords for your business and industry

  • Planning the website structure – by making it easy to navigate for users you are also making it easy for search engines to scan and index the content and to understand better what your website is about. Think about internal linking, user paths, URL addresses, etc.
  • Keeping an eye on the technical aspect – crucial part of search engine optimization is the performance of your website – loading speed, adaptive design for various devices, security, light code, etc. Although it is rarely a marketer’s responsibility to enable these, you need to make sure that they cannot ruin your efforts put in preparation of SEO content. 

Blog for engaging and educating the audience

A great way to keep users returning on your website and engaging with your brand is to develop your own blog. You already know how to research topics and keywords that people are interested in and look for on search engines. Having this in mind, writing optimized and attractive blog posts seems a lot easier. Just stick to writing for people and not for search engines. Although keywords stuffing may have worked in the past, search engines are a lot smarter today and can understand when a post or a page is really useful for the user. 

Blog posts will ultimately increase traffic to your website and will bring a higher number of returning visitors. A useful idea to push them down the marketing funnel with your blog posts is to ask them to subscribe for your newsletter or to visit a specific product or service page after reading an article. 

Tip: Not every blog post should be sales oriented. Instead, try to inform users on a certain topic or help them deal with a specific problem related to your expertise and industry. This may develop their relationship with your brand and bring even higher business value in the long run.

Leveraging social media for awareness and interaction with your brand

To get out the maximum from your digital marketing activities you should not limit your presence to owned channels only. Instead, you need to make sure that users can easily reach and talk to you on most popular social media. With billions of users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you are facing a great opportunity to extend your presence and get even closer to your target audience. 

Promoting your service on the right platforms

Gaining revenue and market share will go through promotion, sponsored content and advertising your business on suitable digital platforms. Whether these are going to be Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, niche websites or paid media, you will always need careful planning of the right promotion strategy to achieve efficient use of your digital marketing budget. 

Tip: Start with determining the goal of your promotion activities. Before you choose a media think of what you want to achieve – increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, push a product to the market or attract conversions. Having this cleared out, choosing a suitable channel is a lot easier.

CTAs to drive conversions

CTAs or call-to-actions are those tiny pieces of content that you need to trigger action by the user. You will be surprised how you can increase conversions just by adding CTAs on your product pages, blog posts, external publications, and so on. At the end of the day, you want a user to continue their journey on your website, to read another post, to learn more about your brand, to place an order or to get in touch with you. 

Tools to monitor and measure performance

All the steps above will require a lot of time, and probably, a significant budget. However, most important is to make sure that the effort put brings meaningful results. 

Do users find your content attractive? Do your potential buyers click on your ads and visit your website? If so, what stops them from making a purchase?

Fortunately, with digital marketing, you will have all these answers just by a few clicks. Make sure you rely on tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, SEMrush and others to track the most meaningful indicators for your business.

Tip: What to monitor – bounce rate, traffic sources, user sessions duration and returning visitors are just part of the valuable indicators that can help you understand your audience and their experience on your website, and to take further actions. 

To Sum Up

Digital marketing can be turned into the most powerful tool for positioning your brand and boosting your business performance. However, neglecting any of the elements above may result in high inefficiency level, waste of budget, and less loyal buyers. Therefore, you should plan your marketing strategy carefully and find the best marketing professionals or a top agency offering marketing as a service

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Boost the Performance
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Boost the Performance
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